Our lab collaborates with over 30 investigators from several Harvard affiliated institutes leading Omics and Bioinformatics sections of projects. Some of our leading collaborations include:

1.      Herbert Benson. MD
2.      Gregory L. Fricchione, MD
3.      John Denninger, MD Phd
4.      Towia Libermann, Phd
5.      Christiane Ferran, MD Phd
6.      Vikas Sukhatme, MD Phd
7.      Frank W. LoGerfo, MD
8.      Terry Strom, MD
9.      William C Aird, MD
10.     Rupal S. Bhatt,MD Phd
11.     Seth Alper ,MD Phd
12.    Anant Karamunchi
13.    Leena Pradhan