Manoj K Bhasin, PhD is Assistant Professor of Medicine at BIDMC and Harvard Medical School, Director of Bioinformatics at BIDMC, and co-Director of BIDMC Genomics, Proteomics, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Center. His main interest is applying and developing systematic analysis strategies for high-throughput transcriptional profiling, epigenomics, genotyping, proteomics, and metabolomics data to improve molecular understanding of diseases and to identify novel diagnostics, prognostic and therapeutics biomarkers. He is leading development of computational approaches for systems level integrative analysis of imaging, clinical and multidimensional genome level data to identify key features driving the disease.


Deepa Rajamani, PhD is a postdoctoral fellow studying the perturbation of multidemsional omics network related to resistance in pancreatic cancer. She received her doctrate from Boston University in Structural Bioinformatics with prime focus on studying the dynamics of protein surfaces to elucidate protein-protein interactions. She is interested in applying interactive network modelling approaches to omics data to explain disease phenotype and identify most potent biomarkers.


Stephanie Malveira is a masters student in lab working on studying the interaction of host genome and microbiome interaction in inflammatory Bowel Disease to identify the key interaction responsible for driving the pathophysiology. She did her bachelors degree from Boston University in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.


SHILPA CHAKRAVARTULA, PhD is a postdoctoral fellow working on developing systems biology level integration of genetics, epigenetics and genomics information to identify key disease driving molecules. She devise algorithms for systems level integration of cancer omics data and clinical information. She received her doctorate from Computer Science Department at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Her dissertation is on the Complex Networks: Structure and Dynamics for understanding various biological systems.


Natasha Singh, MBBS, is a Research Fellow and Clinician who is currently working on Personalized Medicine. She is also involved in Vet-Lab techniques, including the isolation of RNA from Cardiac Tissue of Atrial Fibrillation patients.


Kritika Karri, B.E., is a masters student from the University of Nebraska in Omaha, working as a research fellow & student collaborator at the lab. Her current work involves the investigation of immunological leads across  15 different cancer types in 4 therapies for better prognosis. Kritika Karri has completed her bachelors in bioinformatics and has previously been involved in research at the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.



Ramin Najafi, is a Medical Student in Frankfurt, Germany, currently in 4th year of his medicine degree. His research project focuses on Bladder Cancer Treatments.